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Operation monitoring

we follow you and support you for the duration.

Skill & Experience

The speakers are specialized in their respective fields

more services

File creation and advertising tracking (social networks)

How do we proceed?

1. Exact calculation of diffusion dimensions
2. Creating files (visual themes) with audio tape
3. Installation and projection


iffusion calculation

Taking measurements of the destination wall (lazer) and calculating dimmensions for creating files.


mage capture

Real image capture on sites and editing in post-production.(assembling files).


otion design

3D graphic designs by our graphic designers located in different parts of the world (Europe, US, Eastern countries etc).Render files in the desired dimension.



of the projection material and the "ready-to-use" project.


Discover how to transform a simple dining room into a magical and soothing place

Unique and Exceptional

Because there is so far no cost-effective communication tool similar to this one, we invite you to know if this project is suitable for your restaurant.

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Various Themes

To maintain an emotion during the broadcast, it is nice to change environment and so to travel through several universes for the duration we have chosen to pass on to your clients in this context


At your service 7/7 all year round.With NGSFilms the impact is immediate. It's a form of visual and auditory magic at your service


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